solar fountain, spray & rgb light

  1. Ever thought to water your garden by a complete self-sufficient automatic solar powered system that also drives RGB LEDs for garden lightning. Here is my smart garden IOT device that can be used for building up such a system. First lets make a overview what ideas are behind a solar self powered smart garden.

Lets see what basic building blocks we have:

  1. Solar Panel
  2. Solar Load Balancer
  3. 12V Battery 
  4. marelab solarPump device
  5. water reservoir & 12V DC Pump to drain the garden
  6. water pump for  waterfall or other ideas
  7. drain the garden with water from the reservoir
  8. Add RGB LedStripe for light effects in the garden 

Feature list of marelab solarPump device

  • Timer based pump managment
  • Power Switches Mosfet based  
  • Configurable RGB stripe pattern
  • WIFI access and MQTT support
  • Configurable drain patterns
  • easy integration into smart home & garden automatization
  • Battery managment to ensure a safty operation
  • Current & Voltage monitoring

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