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RFID-DOOR Node-Red Control

  • Written by Marc Hammermann
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The RFID-DOOR included WebGui is already very nice but I wanted to include my RFID-DOORS into my smarthome central based on Node-Red. Why did I want that even when I got a nice GUI right on the RFID-Device? First of all when you got more then one Door I didn't want to mess around Sync the users with file up & download. I wanted to Controll the rfid-door device from my home automation GUI. The managment of all my doors should be done throu my home automation without the the need to call every device with a seperate IP over a webbrowser. So this Feature List will be included in my woorkflow:

  • Syncronize all Users of the n * RFID-DOOR devices to Node-Red based homeautomatisation
  • Complete Managment of users of all RFID-DOOR devices (add,remove  & edit)
  • Opening a door over GUI or voice command
  • Log all events to the home automatisation central instead storing it on the RFID-DEVICE
  • A webbased GUI that can be used by cellphone, desktop or tablet
Please keep in mind the Node Red workflow only works for the marelab rfid Firmware because it has extended MQTT Support and some additional functions included.
This is not a NodeRed starter tutorial. You should be familar installing Node-Red, MySQL and MQTT Server or read before tutorials about these open source packets.


Prepare the basic installation

Before we can reuse the workflow I will explain next we have to do some basic preparing to have all modules installed needed by that workflow. So lets see what we need:

  • Node-Red basic installed
  • MySql Database installed
  • MQTT Server installed
  • Download the RFID-Workflow here and install it




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